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♦ Grey's - Addisex Working 2


Post in italiano perchè son appena tornata dalla partita.. Sampdoria-Werder Brema ç___ç Posto perchè oggi scade uno di questi 20in20 ma voglia zero.. starei lì a ripensare a come 3 minuti in più possano cambiare tutto.. Grazie comunque ragazzi, è stato davvero un bel sogno per 92 lunghi minuti lo è stato davvero!

Sempre e solo.. FORZA SAMPDORIA


Just a little thing could pick up this day: sit on my bed and staring this original and personalized signed photo I found today in my letterbox. Kate Walsh is superawesome!! ♥

20 Jared Leto icons for actors20in20
20 Kate Walsh icons for redhead20in20
20 Grey's Anatomy icons (Season finale 6) for finales20in20

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♀ Kate Walsh - GA Addison evil

we have to go back

Oh gosh.. how many season finales in these days and what about the Lost serie finale? I cried a lot. Srsly. A LOT!! I can't even believe that the show is over. I'm gonna miss all of them SFM!! And soon as I can, I want to make a picspam and a lot of icons about this season serie finale. Because it rocks. Because we had them for 6 years and now.. everything is over and I can't even believe it!

Anyway I have this new batch about Grey's Anatomy for a 20 in 20 community, so.. enjoy the view! Oh and jfyi, I'm trying to experiment something new.. hope the output is at least watch-worthy :)

Oh and, before to let you see my icons, a little pimpage :D Don't forget to join and sign up for others two 20in20 communities: greys20in20 and private20in20. It would be fun! Thank you! ♥

20 Grey's Anatomy icons for @ tv20in20

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♦ Grey's - Lunch Time x3

I'm sorry, Red.. (aka I hate you sfm, Mark)

Hi gals!! How are you? I know that I'm kinda disappeared from LJ but I'm uhm sort of busy.. I'm trying to study for an exam but I wasn't able to find the appropriate close attention to focus on the notes.. So I decided to upload some old icons and made something new so I can post a batch not so empty. By the way, everything is running as always.. I'm fit quite well in my new "single-life", more time for me, no one else to take care of, no love, no sex... nice... Oh gosh, don't take care of all this rant, please and enjoy the icons!

36 Grey's Anatomy Icons (previous seasons + episodes 6.10-12-13 non spoilers)
06 Kate Walsh Icons
18 Scarlett Johansson Icons
12 Supernatural Icons
12 The Vampire Diaries Icons
18 Merlin Icons

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♦ Grey's - Addisex Hot Sex

Highlights of 2009

This post is a sort of re-visiting of my 2009 with all I've enjoyed this year. I'm pretty sure I've forgot something but 365 days to remember are really much! By the way here we are! I hope you enjoy my choices. Heavy images under the cut, not really spoiler-ish.

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♀ Kate Walsh - PP Uh?

She's back???

Ages since I posted the last graphic post.. There are a lot of things to talk about but I'm watching an old Grey's Anatomy episode (5.10, aired here in Italy for the first time on public tv).. Anyway, ABC canceled Eastwick (thank you very much.. Ahah I'm the Queen of Sarcasmland), Grey's rocks (well, unluckily, Iz is coming back.. and I kinda hate her..), Private Practice is really interesting rn, Flashforward keep me on and the same for Dexter and Accidentally on Purpose.
Plus Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman answered to me both twice on twitter :lol: I'm feeling so nerdish atm XD Ok, now I should post icons, more interesting that all this babbling, uh?

36 Kate Walsh Icons (from Oceana's Campaign too)
18 Private Practice Icons (previous seasons, feat. Addison Montgomery)
60 Grey's Anatomy Icons (previous seasons + episodes 6.06-08-09-10)
12 Scarlett Johansson Icons
06 True Blood Icons

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♦ Grey's - Cristina/Owen Baseball

Feels like a bit of a mistake

Well, 1:37AM and I'm a little tired but I have to post.. iconz! WHOA! I watched some new tv show and I like them all ahah! Anyway, to my long schedule, I have to add: Flashforward (amazing!!), Eastwick and Accidentally on Purpose (my gosh, Jenna Elfam is freakin' amazing!)

36 Grey's Anatomy Icons (episodes 6.03-04-06)
24 Private Practice Icons (episodes 3.03-04)
06 The Vampire Diaries Icons
06 Gossip Girl Icons
06 Flashforward Icons
12 Eastwick Icons

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♦ Grey's - Cristina/Owen Baseball

A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air

Hey there! I'm f*ckin' sick, damn flu :u_u: Idk if it is or not swine flu, anyway I'm cold, my throat hurts and also my head, a little. Maybe because I'm in front of my notebook to post icons :lol: I hope I could feel better soon because I need to be, so I could watch Private Practice Season Premiere in streaming and then Grey's and other tv shows ROFL. Stop ranting and enjoy with new batch of icons! I've tried a lot of different styles on them so let me know what do you think about, mkay?

18 Private Practice Icons (spoiler for upcoming season 3)
54 Grey's Anatomy Icons (episodes 6.01-02; spoiler for upcoming 03-04)
06 Scarlett Johansson Icons
06 True Blood Icons
24 The Vampire Diaries Icons (episode 1.01-02 + promo & more)

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♀ Kate Walsh - PP Promo S3

Your ass is mine until I say otherwise.

Ok, ok, I have to post a bunch of new icons. YAY! Yay? Yep! Because I just made my 5000th icon!! :shock: It's unbelivable!! And amazing, to be honest :lol:
Ok, so, to celebrate this goal, I choose some of my favourite tv shows and celebrities. I added some Alex Pettyfer icons: i took so long, sorry dear vanillafrapx. I hope you enjoy this post, waiting for Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Season Premieres!

06 Justin Chambers Icons
30 Grey's Anatomy Icons (mostly feat. Alex Karev - spoiler for upcoming season 6)
12 Kate Walsh Icons (Private Practice Season 3 Photoshoot)
12 Scarlett Johansson Icons
18 Gaspard Ulliel Icons
06 True Blood Icons
12 Alex Pettyfer Icons
18 The Vampire Diaries Icons

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♦ Grey's - Alex/Cristina Elevator


Grey's Anatomy Episode 6.01: FULL FIRST 5 MINUTES!

Spoiler alert, of course!


Ok, it's out the New Moon Trailer too.. but atm I am more involved in all these Season Premiere :lol: Squee out loud for NM too, anyway XD
♦ Grey's - Addisex Working 2

I prefer to be called "ruler of all that is evil" but I will answer to Satan

Once again I am probably the worst LJ friend in the whole world :sad: And I'm not going to swear that I'm going to be a better one because I do not want to fail another time :lima: Anyway I could try.

Ok, now no more ranting :lol: That's icons time!! A ton of Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice ones (mostly Kate Walsh/McHottie Addison Montgomery and Justin Chambers/Alex Karev), then woah! True Blood icons and Twilight/New Moon ones.

60 Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Icons (mostly Addison Forbes Montgomery & Alex Karev)
24 True Blood Icons
24 Twilight/New Moon Icons (mostly Kristen Stewart)

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