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Go go go!! Season Premieres are coming!!

Once again an update for my good intention post! As you already knew, I've reached my goal for tv series about two months ago and I'm still going on (33/15). Well there are so much Season Premieres in these days! YAY! What about the movies? It's good too (111/100)! Oh and books? Not so much better.. (21/25) but I'm reading another two so not so bad, uh?

And as always, if you have any question or suggestion for me, please, feel free to do =)

( Books, Movies & Tv Shows Meme )
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Good Intention - 25 Books, 100 Movies and 15 Tv Shows in 2009

Just because I always had a lot of troubles opening the original post... Again there is a massive update for my good intention post! I reached my goal for tv series and I'm really close to movies one! YAY! Let's read!

Inside you can find my progress with my good intentions to read at least 25 new books and watch a minimum of 100 new movies and 15 Tv Shows series in the new year! You can find between the brackets the original title, if i read or watch a book or a movie that have another title in Italy, different from the original one.

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Just memes!

This entry is like a not-real-life-or-graphic one, made just for fun with a lot of meme XD Hope you all have fun too <3

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GUESS MY FANDOM SHIPS MEME taken from serepink

1. List 10 of you favorite old and new fandoms.
2. Have your friends guess your favorite two ships from each fandom
3. Strike out the fandom when someone guesses correctly and put the name of the first person to get it right.

01. Gossip Girl: Chuck/Blair (marinerd);
02. Lost:
03. Grey's Anatomy:
04. Dexter:
05. Ugly Betty: Marc/Amanda (zerostress);
06. Sex and The City: Carrie/Big (stellicidio);
07. Brothers&Sisters:
08. House MD: Cuddy/House (stellicidio);
09. Merlin: Arthur/Merlin (marinerd); Arthur/Morgana (serepink)
10. Twilight:

another one from serepink

Let's play a little game:
pick a number between 1 and 6284,
and I will upload the song that corresponds
with that number in my iTunes library!

Hope you had fun with this post, like i had doing it^^

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♥ Reply to this post with your username
♥ Your friends/other people can comment in your thread and share their love for you
♥ NO drama/bashing, please. Take your wank elsewhere, this is a love meme
♥ Link to your thread and spread the love! && Pimp this meme out like crazy

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Valentine's Day Picspam ♥

It's me, again, to add more spice to this day.. Well, it should be mainly for love, but love is many things: pureness, cuteness... HOTNESS!! And these boys... Mmmhh... they def have it, a lot!

So.. another meme, YAY!! Stolen from marinerd, thank you bb!

(1) List 10 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (10 - 1, 1 is the hottest.)
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.

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♦ House MD - Cuddy all alone

Update from "Good Intention"

Another update for this post.

As usual, books, first. I've just finished Il Nostro Caro Dexter (Dearly Devoted Dexter) by Jeff Lindsay. This book is awesome! I really love his style and not only because of the tv show..

Movies? A lot! Autumn in New York, The Women, Australia, The Duchess, Chapter 27, Nights in Rodanthe, Disturbia, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Milk, Vratné lahve, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.. Well, i have no time and zero desire to write about them, i have awarded some stars, if you're interested, you can check all in the original post, here.

And what about the series? I've finished Merlin season 1, the miniseries Lost Room and Dirty Sexy Money season 1. And, of course, i go on with Grey's Anatomy (5.13), Gossip Girl (2.16), Lost (5.03), House MD (5.04)

♦ Grey&#39;s - Addisex Working 2

Update from "Good Intention" & Userpics Meme

In order with this post, I have to update my progress with books, movies and Tv Shows! YAY! Oh and i added some new userpics, check it here.

Books, first. I just finished Il mondo di Twilight, La guida non autorizzata alla saga di Edward e Bella (The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series) by Lois H. Gresh. It was only 2 stars because the book is interesting, with some quotes and interesting anecdotes from other vampiristic books, movie etc, but in some points i was a little doubtful.. like the author never read the Twilight Saga as well... Btw it's a weird and nice reading so *thumbs up* anyway.

Then the movies... I had hard view in the past days! Nine never seen movies to add! Great!

Breaking Dawn*, The Air I Breath**, Pride & Prejudice***, Yes Man***, The Spirit****, Seven Pounds***, Let the Right One In***, Postal**, Il cosmo sul comò***

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And what about the tv shows? I watched all the Chuck, Season 1. It was GREAT!! I really love Chuck, and Sarah and Casey too XD I'm impatient to see season 2 too! Also i begin to watch another tv show: Merlin, season 1 and go on with Grey's Anatomy season 5 *__*

And, at least, I added these nine icons, all made by me^^

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Userpics Meme

I hate this shit, seriously! I have a paid account on LiveJournal and the system replace my userpics with others, from someone else, totally random -_- Today i want to use my Gaspard Ulliel Lecter face one and i found at his place an anonymous face of an anonymous girl... GUH! This really sucks! With more than 80 icons loaded as userpics in my account, i can't remember exactly each one, especially the ones made by other iconmakers, to replace at the right place, without any doubt... I'm going to post in this meme all my userpics with a link to the author' LJ (when i'm not the maker), so i can replace them if they will disappear again. Obviously, i hope all my userpic will stay at their own place as well!
To made more interesting this post, i invite all f-list to comment my userpics: tell me what is your favorite, what is the worst and other things like this =)

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