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♦ Royal Pains - Hank Orange


Welcome to my new userhead

Nice uh? It makes me something like TV-addicted? Isn't it? Oh damn! I swear I'm not. Well.. maybe a little..

On the other side.. an italian post is coming later because this cold makes me really lazy, sorry! BTW, how's everyone? Xoxo
♦ Grey's - Addisex Working 2


Post in italiano perchè son appena tornata dalla partita.. Sampdoria-Werder Brema ç___ç Posto perchè oggi scade uno di questi 20in20 ma voglia zero.. starei lì a ripensare a come 3 minuti in più possano cambiare tutto.. Grazie comunque ragazzi, è stato davvero un bel sogno per 92 lunghi minuti lo è stato davvero!

Sempre e solo.. FORZA SAMPDORIA


Just a little thing could pick up this day: sit on my bed and staring this original and personalized signed photo I found today in my letterbox. Kate Walsh is superawesome!! ♥

20 Jared Leto icons for actors20in20
20 Kate Walsh icons for redhead20in20
20 Grey's Anatomy icons (Season finale 6) for finales20in20

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♂ Justin Chambers - GA Alex spy

It will be forever

Hey ppl! How is everyone? I'm really tired rn, this freaking hot outside, plus this almost 100% relative humidity drive me crazy..
Oh and tomorrow will be a long looooong day because I am going to a wedding tomorrow. Yes! My friend Davide (I told you about him and his motorbike accident some months ago) is going to marry his girlfriend Emanuela :D So, tomorrow I won't be online almost for the whole day.. since 9:30 in the morning until.. ehm.. idk.. then maybe I will be too drunk to visit LJ :lmao: BTW, have a good weekend everyone, I'll try to catch up with all your posts (and a lot of tv shows) on sunday! Love you all! ♥

20 Kate Walsh icons for celebrity20in20

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♂ Justin Chambers - GA Alex yellow/orang

Happy b-day faithforgiven! Plus pimping :D

Oh un altro compleanno! Stavolta è il turno di Emanuela, alias faithforgiven <3 Spero tu stia passando una bella giornata, io sono impegnata nel cantiere di casa ma ci tenevo a farti una cosina. Piccolina piccolina e un po' schifezzina a dir la verità ma spero che Taylor allieti la tua giornata :asd:

tantissimi auguri e un abbraccione! ♥

And after an happy birthday, a little pimping :D

Sign ups for round 3 @ greys20in20 and private20in20 are open so... SIGN UP please! It's funny!

And.. if you are a fan of Grey's Anatomy and/or Private Practice, you should join shonda_land right now! There are three teams so, apply and please list me (cinnamonstreet) as a referral so I will earn points for my team! So? Are you ready to join me in the arena?
♂ Justin Chambers - GA Alex spy


Today is my brother's birthday <3 and since we have had a little party with my parents for lunch, now I'm free to do anything I want to :D And guess what? New icons! Once again, three of the many (I mean MANY!!!) 20 in 20 I signed up for this month.. And I have a ton to do though.. So.. Enjoy the view! ♥

Oh and for the record, I'm really enjoying The Big Bang Theory, so I'm gonna watch episodes 311&312 right now while I'm adding back who commented to stay in my flist (thank you bbs! I really appreciate it!) :D

20 Grey's Anatomy (Addison/Crossover) icons for xovers20in20
20 Merlin (1x02 Valiant) icons for merlin20in20
20 True Blood (Sam Merlotte) icons for trueblood20in20

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♦ Merlin - Arthur Sword

Happy b-day sallyna_smile!

Altra settimana altro compleanno! Questa volta tocca a sallyna_smile compiere gli anni :D
Questo è solo un pensierino, fantasia pari a zero e tranquillità di essere andata sul sicuro col tema (almeno spero!), ma ci tenevo a farti una cosina! Spero ti piaccia comunque e soprattutto che tu stia passando un ottimo compleanno!!

augurissimi e un abbraccione!! :kiss:
♀ Kate Walsh - PP Addison w/ newborn

Happy b-day butlerina87!

Parliamone perchè non se lo meriterebbe sto post, dato che ha già fatto il post con la collection di tutti i regalonzoli ricevuti.. u_u però.. c'è da dire che mi ha nominata quindi tutto sommato... *pondera e pensa, pensa e pondera*

Si vede che sono appena rientrata a casa dal lavoro eh.. dico cose senza senso, più del solito e con meno senso.. ecco, appunto XD Smetto di vaneggiare, giusto in tempo per fare gli auguri di buon compleanno alla nipotaH, meglio nota come wandererjulia
La cosa che segue è una schifezza, lo so, ma abbi pietà, sono fusissima e non ce l'ho proprio fatta a fare nulla di meglio/piùcomplesso/quantomenodecente/chipiùnehapiùnemetta. Spero che almeno il pensiero faccia di più la sua! Hai passato una bella giornata? Spero proprio di sì perchè te la meriti!!

ancora tantissimi auguri nipotinah!! :kiss:
♦ Eastwick - Roxie cheers

happy chocolate day

oh and don't eat too much chocolate eggs :asd:
but enjoy this so-called-spring-day..
here is raining sfm. rofl.

Oh and because some of you nominated me @ magicawards.. (thanks a lot to gigi737, lucky_star79, sallyna_smile :love:) well, I'm pushing you to vote me now :giggle: I don't think I'm going to win anything because there are so many much more talented iconmekers than me, but I wish I could arrive to the voting round so drop an "I agree" comment in my topic, pretty please?

Best OverAll
Best Minimalistic
Best Cropping
The Vampire Diaries

And, of course, if you are nominated too and I haven't drop a comment for you yet, please let me know where are your links and I'll be more than happy to agreed with your nomination :D Ok and now, after this new round of shameless selfpromotion, it's time for me to go.. I have to do some stuff for Easter's lunch! Have a nice day ppl! :)