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hi there! how's everyone? I'm fine but a little busy rn.. btw.. just for your information... and because I need a fresh new start (although I'm not spending a lot of time on Livejournal)...

zimona »»» cinnamonstreet

do You like it? I do love it ♥
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She's making a list and kissing them twice.

20 Justin Chambers icons for greyscast20in20
20 Thirty Seconds To Mars icons for 30stm20in20
20 Supernatural icons for sprntrl20in20

~ comment is &hearts / credit / hotlink / rename / claim as your own / alter ~

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♦ Royal Pains - Hank Orange


Welcome to my new userhead

Nice uh? It makes me something like TV-addicted? Isn't it? Oh damn! I swear I'm not. Well.. maybe a little..

On the other side.. an italian post is coming later because this cold makes me really lazy, sorry! BTW, how's everyone? Xoxo