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shipping can involve virtually any kind of relationship...

main fandoms, atm. (july 25th, 2010) *

Fringe. Grey's Anatomy. How I Met Your Mother. Private Practice. Samantha Who?. Supernatural. The Big Bang Theory. The Vampire Diaries. True Blood. White Collar.

complete fandoms/ships list.

~key: friendship. loveship/sexship. friendship/loveship/sexship.

Brothers&Sisters: kitty/robert. justin/rebecca. sarah/joe. kevin/scotty.

Californication: hank/karen.

Chuck: chuck/sarah. chuck/casey.

Dexter: dexter/lila. dexter/debra. dexter/miguel.

Dirty Sexy Money: nick/karen. jeremy/nola. brian/andrea.

Doctor Who (2005): nine/rose.

Eli Stone: eli/nathan. eli/taylor. eli/maggie. taylor/sam.

Fringe: olivia/peter. olivia/walter. walter/astrid.

Gilmore Girl: luke/lorelai. rory/logan.

Gossip Girl: blair/nate. blair/chuck. rufus/lily. jenny/erik. nate/chuck. blair/serena. vanessa/dan.

Greek: casey/cappie. cappie/rusty.

Grey's Anatomy: addison/derek. addison/alex. addison/mark. mark/callie. cristina/owen. izzie/denny. alex/izzie.
                                     mark/derek. cristina/meredith. derek/meredith. callie/erica. derek/lexie. cristina/dr. virginia dixon.

House M.D.: house/cuddy. house/wilson.

How I Met Your Mother: barney/robin. barney/lily/marshall/robin/ted.

Legend of the Seeker: richard/kahlan.

Life: charlie crews/dani reese. charlie crews/ted earley.

Lipstick Jungle: victory/joe. nico/kirby. wendy/shane. nico/victory/wendy.

Lost: jack/kate. sawyer/juliet. ben/locke. boone/kate. boone/shannon. charlie/claire. sawyer/kate.

Merlin: arthur/merlin. arthur/morgana. merlin/morgana.

Moonlight: mick/coraline. mick/beth. josef/coraline. mick/josef.

Prison Break: michael/lincoln. michael/sara. pete/violet. cooper/charlotte. cooper/violet.

Private Practice: addison/pete. pete/violet. cooper/charlotte. cooper/violet.

Pushing Daisies: ned/olive. ned/chuck. olive/alfredo. olive/randy.

Queer as Folk (US): brian/michael. michael/david. brian/justin. brian/justin/michael/emmett/ted. linz/mel.

Samantha Who?: samantha/todd. samantha/dina.

Secret diary of a call girl: hannah/ben. belle/bambi.

Sex and the City: carrie/big. carrie/samantha. samantha/smith. samantha/richard. miranda/steve.
                                     carrie/aidan. carrie/stanford. charlotte/anthony. carrie/new york. charlotte/harry. carrie/manolos.
                                     carrie/cosmopolitan. carrie/samantha/miranda/charlotte.

Six Feet Under: nate/david. nate/brenda. claire/brenda.

Supernatural: dean/sam. dean/ruby. dean/castiel.

Tell Me You Love Me: nick/jamie. carolyn/palek.

The Big Bang Theory: howard/leonard/penny/raji/sheldon. penny/sheldon.

The Host: ian/wanderer. wanderer/melanie. melanie/jared.

The Mentalist: patrick jane/teresa lisbon. wayne rigsby/grace van pelt.

The Starter Wife: molly/sam. molly/lou.

True Blood: sookie/sam. sookie/bill. sookie/jason.

Twilight: edward/bella. bella/emmett. alice/jasper. alice/bella.

Ugly Betty: amanda/marc. betty/gio. daniel/wilhelmina. wilhelmina/marc. betty/christina. hilda/santos. alexis/daniel.
                         betty/daniel. betty/henry. marc/cliff.

Veronica Mars: veronica/logan.

Will&Grace: karen/jack. karen/grace. will/grace. jack/will. karen/rosario. vince/will.

* previous

        april 29th, 2009:                  Gossip Girl. Grey's Anatomy. Lost. Moonlight. Private Practice. Queer as Folk (US). Ugly Betty.
        may 15th, 2009:                 Gossip Girl. Grey's Anatomy. Lost. Moonlight. Private Practice. Queer as Folk (US). The Mentalist. True Blood.                                              Ugly Betty.
        august 11st, 2009:              Eli Stone. Gossip Girl. Grey's Anatomy. Life. Lost. Prison Break. Private Practice. Queer as Folk (US). The Starter                                              Wife. True Blood.
        september 19th, 2009:     Gossip Girl. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. Queer as Folk (US). Six Feet Under. Supernatural. The Vampire
                                             Diaries. True Blood.

        july 25th, 2010:                    Fringe. Grey's Anatomy. How I Met Your Mother. Private Practice. Samantha Who?. Supernatural. The Big
                                            Bang Theory. The Vampire Diaries. True Blood. White Collar.
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