Simona (cinnamonstreet) wrote,

Twilight: three disc deluxe edition - italian release

Holy cow!! Today i had got a great surprise when i came back to home: saturday, a carrier tried to deliever me my Twilight three disc deluxe edition but i wasn't at home *cries* Luckily, he returned a couple of hours ago and now, the box is in my hands!! WOAHHH!! 2 days earlier the official release date! WOAHHH AGAIN!!!

I tried to not spoil me about deleted scenes and now i can watch them, finally in peace. I have to remember that i didn't enjoy myself so much when the movie was released... to many expectation, "my cast" wasn't the official cast (it is like light-years far away from mine, to be honest!) but i'm so friggin curious...

So, no more rants! I introduce you the italian release for Twilight movie dvd! YAY!

The box with the bracelet, gift from Eagle Pictures for earlyish order.

What is inside the box? =O

Box back side.

First inside view.


Another gift: the shopping bag! I'll never use it. Too shy ROFL.

The envelope with the eight plastified cards =O

Glowing tattoo (Do i dazzle you? LOL) and bracelet.

Another back view.

The story-line. No comparison with Titanic LMAO

Extras. Finally i can stop to avoid tons and tons of spoiler XD

Tags: !rants, female: kristen stewart, male: robert pattinson, twilight saga
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