Simona (cinnamonstreet) wrote,

Gaspard Sexgod Ulliel iz here!! ♥

Sore throat is finally gone and i hope that this torrential rain don't let it come back... I'll try to do not dance in the rain ahah!
So... Gaspard Ulliel is right my obsession nao... and GQ Italy doesn't help me to stay more quite about his hotness, awesomeness and cuteness *squeeeezzzz* I've posted the scan-magazine throgh some Gaspard's community && forum, btw if someone is interested too, tell me and i'll post the scans again, maybe in my journal. And noooow... ICONS!! YAY!! Only Gaspard this time, oh and two simply Twilight DT banners... I'm not so proud of this batch because today i felt not really inspired.. lack of inspiration? Maybe.. or maybe i was drooling to much over my GQ copy XD Love Gaspard and the new pics! ♥

30 Gaspard Ulliel Icons (GQ Italia)
02 Twilght Themed Banner

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» Gaspard Ulliel
4331 - 4336

4337 - 4342

4343 - 4348

4349 - 4354

4355 - 4360

» Twilight

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Tags: .gfx: 2009, .graphic: banners, .graphic: banners - friends only, .graphic: icons, female: emily browning, male: gaspard ulliel, movie: twilight, twilight saga

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