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Update from "Good Intention" & Userpics Meme

In order with this post, I have to update my progress with books, movies and Tv Shows! YAY! Oh and i added some new userpics, check it here.

Books, first. I just finished Il mondo di Twilight, La guida non autorizzata alla saga di Edward e Bella (The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series) by Lois H. Gresh. It was only 2 stars because the book is interesting, with some quotes and interesting anecdotes from other vampiristic books, movie etc, but in some points i was a little doubtful.. like the author never read the Twilight Saga as well... Btw it's a weird and nice reading so *thumbs up* anyway.

Then the movies... I had hard view in the past days! Nine never seen movies to add! Great!

Breaking Dawn*, The Air I Breath**, Pride & Prejudice***, Yes Man***, The Spirit****, Seven Pounds***, Let the Right One In***, Postal**, Il cosmo sul comò***

Well, for the first two movies, i admit it: they're a disillusion.. Not a really good interpretation.. The storylines seemed a little bit muddler or something like this.. Pride&Prejudice, well, is Pride&Prejudice, who didn't love Mr Darcy? Yes Man was funny, Jim Carrey is funny, surrealistic situation make this film.
The Spirit.. I quite love it! Seriously! The villains are ♥ Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson are really great! With ridicolous scenes between Octopus and Spirit lmao.
And then the surprise: Seven Pounds. I was very skeptical about this movie, before watching it, because of Gabriele Muccino as director and Will Smith as major player.. I don't really like them so much, but the film was good, like the storyline and it made me cry..
Let the Right One In is a strange movie, beacuse of the kids, especially as vampire, but the movie is so tender and horrific at the same time.. Absolutely thumb up!
Postal is a silly movie, nice to see with after have switched off your brain rotfl, quite like Il cosmo sul comò, a italian movie with the comical trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo.

And what about the tv shows? I watched all the Chuck, Season 1. It was GREAT!! I really love Chuck, and Sarah and Casey too XD I'm impatient to see season 2 too! Also i begin to watch another tv show: Merlin, season 1 and go on with Grey's Anatomy season 5 *__*

And, at least, I added these nine icons, all made by me^^

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