Simona (cinnamonstreet) wrote,

Userpics Meme

I hate this shit, seriously! I have a paid account on LiveJournal and the system replace my userpics with others, from someone else, totally random -_- Today i want to use my Gaspard Ulliel Lecter face one and i found at his place an anonymous face of an anonymous girl... GUH! This really sucks! With more than 80 icons loaded as userpics in my account, i can't remember exactly each one, especially the ones made by other iconmakers, to replace at the right place, without any doubt... I'm going to post in this meme all my userpics with a link to the author' LJ (when i'm not the maker), so i can replace them if they will disappear again. Obviously, i hope all my userpic will stay at their own place as well!
To made more interesting this post, i invite all f-list to comment my userpics: tell me what is your favorite, what is the worst and other things like this =)

Tags: !keeping track, !meme, !userpic

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