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Do you have any graphic requests for me?
You can request: icons, banners, wallpapers and tutorials or have suggestions for next fanart or other.

Instruction for Request

+ If you are requesting an icon, a banner or a wallpapers: please provide me with a fandom and, if you can, a picture, better if HQ pic. It also helps if you give me an idea of what style you're looking for (you can check my previous jobs). Please also tell me if you want or not some text on it.

+ When requesting tutorials: please include the number of the icon in your comment, it's always in each post near the icon. I won't make tutorials for icons made by other users: if you want to know how they made their icon, ask them or try to ask in a tutorial' community. Just as well, my tutorials are all for Photoshop CS2 software; no idea for other type of program, but I try to make my tuts translatable (except selective colours).

+ Maybe you don't want something specific for you, but you'd like to see me make some graphics of something specific. Feel free to make a suggestion^^ If you'd like to see what I can do from a specific movie, tv show, stock, etc.. just let me know! It would be best if you could also provide me with a source for gathering screencaps and images of the best resolution.

Then enjoy posting your requests here!

Check it out to find your request done
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